Let me turn your moments into memories


Hi, I'm Rachael


& I am truly happy that you are here!

I love making photographs. 

I am a 'silver lining' kind of person.

It brings me joy to be able to capture the happiness of others and share those moments with them through my camera.

I want your experience to be fun & memorable. I aim to photograph organic emotions so you can expect to have lots of fun during our time together!

I've always appreciated photography and I started my photography journey when my husband & I were expecting our daughter.

When my husband left for his second deployment, she was only 4 months old and photography became an amazing outlet for me.

I love capturing her growth and our daily moments to share with family.

More than that, I look forward to having these memories to share with our daughter when she is older!

My favorite photographs are ones that make me feel something! I find joy when photographing happy people. I am inspired by the connection of the people I photograph; I love documenting your natural interactions and moments.

Love, joy, happiness- these are the things I shoot to remember.  I hope that you can see that from my photos and feel that in our time together!

I hope you learned something helpful about me and my business, and I hope that I will have the pleasure of working with you in the future!


Our Time Together


I don’t know about you, but my dear memory seems to fade a little more each year. That is why I rely heavily on the gift that photography gives me- the ability to freeze time, if only to go back for a moment to those precious memories I will never be able to live again {sigh}.


I am a photographer so that I can tell your authentic story and give you the beautiful moments I see naturally unfolding. I want you to be able to share these memories in the future. I want to tell your stories as beautifully as I can.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then I am so happy you have found me!

Please hang out for a while to learn more about what you can expect as we get to know each other!



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