Freshening up your digital photo organization

Something about the new year makes me want to clean things out. Like spring cleaning, but earlier! One project I tackled last year was a better organization system for my digital photos. Since I have implemented this system, my photos are so easy to find and my folders are not a mess! I go through and clean things up every few months or so but it is not overwhelming at all! I even went through past photos and organized them in the same fashion because I find it so streamlined and organized! I may be the only one who gets excited about computer organization, but if I'm not, check it out and give it a shot if you'd like!

  1. Each year gets its own folder.
  2. Inside of the year, there is a numbered folder for each month. For example, 1 January, 2 February, 3 March, etc...
  3. Inside of each month, photos are organized by date and a small description. For me, this includes business and personal photos. For example, December included: 12-3 Mills Family, 12-4 Christmas Mini Sessions, 12-19 Laundry Fun
  4. Inside of each date's folder, I also have 2 folders for different file sizes. This makes it easy for me to find photos when I'm ready to print them. If I am using them just for the internet, I use the low resolution files and when I am printing photos, I use high resolution files.

So there you are. It's as easy to use as it is to explain. It may seem tedious at first but once you have a great organization system in place, it is so nice to be able to find the photos you want when you want them! 

Rachael TurnerComment