Sue & David's Beautiful in-home Spring Wedding | Gardner, MA

2016 was an amazing year for me as a photographer, largely because I got to kick off my career as a photographer with the sweetest wedding I have ever been privileged to attend. I got the call just a few weeks before the ceremony and discovered that this couple had been together for 12 years and after David proposed, they just wanted to get married as quickly as possible. (I just love stories like that, where the couple can't wait to be married to one another!) So in addition to the bride & groom's parents and a few siblings, I witnessed the most sincere and loving wedding ceremony of all time. Seriously. So here I am, almost a year later... excited to share a little bit of this beautiful day with you, on a day that everyone thinks about the love in their lives!

While the ceremony & reception were intimate, the details were stunning and made quite the impact in the couple's gorgeous home!

The ceremony was quaint and as sweet as the bride & groom! They were literally so excited to be married that they forgot to put on the rings after they exchanged vows.. how stinkin cute is that?!

After some family and couple portraits, the families relaxed in the living room and reminisced as they waited for the reception to begin. The groom's brother gifted the couple with these beautiful wedding ducks, a tradition passed on from his wife's side of the family.

The reception was held at The Old Mill in Westminster, MA. The couple's love of ducks was a theme carried throughout the reception but the overwhelming presence of love & joy far out-shined any decor!

Rachael Turner