Project 52 Update & Rainbow Scavenger Hunt | Leominster, MA Lifestyle Photographer

So I know I just did a project update.. but I have been doing this Build A Rainbow project for the month of March along with my Project 52. It has been super fun but I also feel like I have a million pictures to share! So I'm going to give a mid-month update and then will show the completed project all together! Basically, some super cool & creative ladies on Instagram came up with the color break down and I have a colorful scavenger hunt every day! I have been adding my images to this Collect App to see my progress thus far. I've used a mix between my DSLR & my iPhone for images, can you tell which ones are taken with each? If you want to see how fun & inspiring it is, check out #BuildingARainbow2017 for some really cool images!


Week 9 | Black & White    //    Week 10 | Self Portraiture

Due to my Rainbow project, I have slightly neglected my weekly project, so I combined weeks 9 & 10 in a mini shoot I set up to document a bit of our daily lives right now. I chose to put the hug in Black & White because I feel like it really complements the emotion of the image. This little mini series of self portraits could literally be any toddler & momma at home. Baby starts throwing a fit, a hug helps temporarily, "oh you want a Banana?", a few moments of content to catch up on the dishes. Notice the messy counters, notice my strategically hidden face due to lack of make-up ;) Some sweet Pandora tunes always help me through the day! Someday I might miss this daily grind, so for now, pictures.

Rachael Turner