3 Reasons I loved offering Mother's Day Mini Sessions | Central Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

The love of a mother is something that cannot be explained. It is just not possible. You can only know it when you feel it and when you do, it is AMAZING. Not only do I love to photograph my own beautiful daughter, I get so much joy out of seeing the love that other mothers have for their children and being able to capture that in an image for them. The thing with motherhood is that it is messy, and so far from picture perfect. There are days when your kids don't listen, you feel like a mess (mentally, emotionally, physically), and life just feels plain hard. But that love is still there.  In every season, in every hardship, in every milestone, the love of a mother never wavers. Last year I had the honor to host some mini sessions for Mother's Day at Reclaimed Daisies Home Decor in Sterling, MA and I was floored by the outcome. I got to photograph so many beautiful families, so here are my top 3 reasons why I had so much fun and I hope you take some photos of your family this coming Mother's Day!

1- It is something special to watch a mother interact with her children.

The loving embraces, tender words, joy of the kiddos eyes when they please their mother.. all of these things are unique and lovely to each parent/child relationship. When mom is completely irreplaceable to a child, it is totally evident in photographs and it is a lovely thing to see!


2- Each stage of childhood is so fleeting. 

It was truly an honor to be trusted by these mothers to document their littles in their respective stage & age of life. Each new milestone feels so big and long awaited during that 1st precious year of life. Before you know it, you look at your darling littles and wonder how so much time has passed. I find it hard to recall the specifics of my daughter learning how to crawl and walk, thankfully I have home videos and photographs to help me with that!


3- Sometimes mothers can feel overlooked in their families. 

For this reason, I really enjoyed offering a time to help celebrate moms with their families. Try doing something thoughtful to make the moms you are thankful for feel special, cherished, & loved this Mother's Day (and throughout the year as well!)

Rachael Turner