3 Reasons I Love Lifestyle Photography!

Let's talk briefly about photography styles. There are so many varieties of photography out there that offer such a broad range of images that could be captured for any given occasion. What I feel most drawn to is a lifestyle/documentary approach and I strive to show that in all of my images. Now, this might not be the right style for everyone and that is okay! Some people prefer a posed image to make sure that every detail is exactly how they want to remember it. Some people are drawn to a fine art style that romanticizes certain details of life. Some people want their photos in a studio, just a few quick shots and they're on their way, while others still prefer to be in outdoor locations that are new or familiar to their families. We are all different and it only makes sense that the type of photographs we are drawn to would differ as well! So today I wanted to share 3 reasons why I love the lifestyle approach so that you might have a better idea of how I see the images I make.

1- It showcases true personalities and connections. By allowing people, kids especially, to be themselves in front of the camera, I am able to capture the most genuine images and connections. If your child is in a funny face stage, capture that. If your child is in a clingy stage, capture that. If you and your loved one are engaged and planning the biggest day of your life, the love and emotion that will pour out of you will be contagious (people love love), capture that.

2- Its an honest account of how certain events took place. Think back to some of the biggest moments of your life: graduation, first dates, engagement, your wedding day, the entire pregnancy process right up to meeting your new little one. In those moments, our emotions feel so strong like we will never forget them but as time goes on, emotions fade and eventually you remember what you felt but its not always easy to conjure up that feeling again. What if looking at a photograph years later could bring those feelings back to you? With lifestyle photography, the goal is to set up a scene that is naturally occurring and capture it in a way that will document the details for the future. I just love this image from a gender reveal. I can hear the squeals of joy, I can feel the well of emotion inside, I can see the love that is already so strong for the little baby that is on the way and his gender wasn't even known until this very moment. When I look at this image, those emotions come back to me, and it wasn't even for my own child!

3- With some direction, it can feel more natural/comfortable to those who are not used to being in front of a camera. Who's had a portrait taken (ever in their life) where they were directed to turn their head in one direction and contort the rest of their body in another while keeping the chin out and down and smiling at the camera? Am I the only one? Now I'm not knocking this kind of portraiture because the positions are usually very flattering. For me though, I feel uncomfortable, I feel awkward, I feel a bit confused, and it usually shows in the picture; stiff shoulders, stiff legs, awkward smile. I feel much more comfortable doing something or interacting with someone in front of a camera and this is usually evident in pictures of me. I look more natural and at ease. This is what I aim to do at all of my sessions. I want you to feel like you have direction and you know what I'm looking for, but I want you to carry it out in your most authentic way so that your images will feel comfortable and natural to you!


I hope I was able to give you some insight as to what I am drawn to and why. It is easy to look at an image and think, I want one just like that! But sometimes getting to that place is a different process for different people and thats okay! If you're a fan of lifestyle photography I'd love to hear from you! 

Rachael TurnerComment