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Rachael Marie Photography


What to Wear


My #1 Rule: Be Comfortable and Be Able to Move Around! 

Some ideas to consider:

  • For the ladies: think long, flowy dresses or skirts that will allow you to move without being self-conscious, or some comfy jeans and a top that makes you feel like a million bucks!
  • For the guys: blazers and nice sweaters add more dimension than just a dress shirt, or go with a tried & true outfit that fits your personality.
  • For the kiddos: make sure outfits will stay in place as your kids are moving & playing, there is not much cuter than a bowtie on a little boy or formal dress on a little girl (in my humble opinion!), always a good idea to bring a spare outfit in case something happens between the time you get ready and the time of your session.
  • Make sure your shoes are comfortable to walk in, as I will have you move and walk a lot.
  • Make sure that you can raise your arms, walk, spin, and sit comfortably. Your outfits will be photographed as is, so it is important to choose something that reflects you and will photograph well.
  • Avoid large logos or writing that may be distracting in your photographs.
  • Consider the location - Do you want your outfit to be part of your story or to be part of the atmosphere?

Other fun considerations:

  • Don't shy away from colors or patterns, as long as they compliment what others are wearing.
  • Accessorize! Big hats, fun jewelry, and scarves are fun to photograph.
  • Dress up a bit more than normal if you're comfortable.
  • Bring your personalities into your outfits!

How to Prepare


I hope that you will trust me throughout this process. The number 1 goal is for you to relax and have fun! I begin working on this goal the moment you contact me for your session all the way until your final product is delivered. I promise that I will explain to you what I am doing as we go through your session. I will put your family at ease as I try to get to know you. We will talk and laugh and play and you will hardly even realize that I’m hard at work! I will give you guidance through poses but also just let you interact naturally, as this is when true emotions shine! Do not worry about how you look, just leave it up to me to capture those beautiful moments that you never even knew were happening.

For your family session, please have grace with your kiddos. I am really great at finding ways to get kids to have fun in front of the camera but they might be hesitant if they think mommy & daddy may think they’re acting up. Please encourage them to be respectful of everyone (me, you and their siblings) while we have fun all together. My style of shooting families may feel chaotic to some but I'm getting on the kid's level, and that will help us create some wonderful memories!


Have more questions? I am here to answer them!


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After the Session


Your gallery will be ready in 2-3 weeks. Each portrait session includes a USB with hand-edited images in high resolution files, ideal for printing & sharing as you wish. Also included is a complimentary set of 4x6 prints in a beautifully packaged Proof Box. My hope is that you will share these new, beautiful memories with family and friends as well as a good word if you enjoyed our time together!