3 Ways to take family photos now! | Central Massachusetts Family Photographer

One thing that is for certain is that life is unpredictable. You can never know what tomorrow will bring, let alone another month or year. I lost 2 family members last year and one thing I certainly wish is that I had more pictures with them. More times together, more appreciation, more photographs to remember those sweet and limited moments. So often we convince ourselves we want to lose another 10 pounds, wait until there is more disposable income, or a thousand other excuses you can come up with. But all too often these excuses put our sentimentalities to the side, sometimes indefinitely. There are so many great stages of life to celebrate and document! Not just the big things like school graduations, engagements, weddings, and babies to come. What about that family tradition you have every summer vacation? What about those simple days when life just seems to be in a sweet groove that you will want to cherish when it gets crazy again? When I am home with my daughter, its her daily habits that make me want to pull my camera out to document something she's done! Which leads me into our list, here are 3 ways you can be sure to get some family photos in your archives.

No. 1 | Your Daily Life

This photo is from last year and I still laugh when I see it. Any time she was left for 10 seconds or more, I could bet I'd walk in to find this scene, pacifier flung over the side of her car seat, her looking at me like, "Are you gunna get that or what."  I love to have those daily details recorded!

No. 2 | Family Members

I also jump at the chance to get a photo of her with my family members. I often take a photo when she meets someone for the first time but something I would like to start doing is taking photos every time we are with family.

You never know when the last chance for a photo would be and I would love to remember the ordinary days as well as the special ones!And if that means more phone photos, I'm alright with that!

No. 3 | Your Family's Growth

Not only is it great to capture your little ones with family while you can, but capturing their own journey can be so rewarding as well! I got to photograph this little sweetie at 6, 9, and 12 months and it was just so special to watch her grow through the lens of my camera!

I hope you are inspired to start documenting your family time today! Do it yourself or have a photographer do it for you! I have a family session scheduled in May and I am beyond excited to be in more photos with my little family instead of behind the lens!

Rachael Turner