Another Project 52 Update | April 2017

So I have done the inevitable, and fallen behind on my weekly posts. But I won't let that get me down! Here's another project update of my weekly work and the completed rainbow for the month of March! I came back from vacation well-rested and ready to work! With lots of sessions on the books for the next several weeks, I will have no shortage of images to share with you all! I hope you enjoy this update and bear with me while I get back into the groove of everything :)

Week 11 | Emotion

Something about a faceless image allows me to really feel the emotion of a photograph. I can tell by my daughter's body language that she wanted some snuggles and I can feel her emotion even though her face is not in the frame.

Week 12 | Shadows

I've always loved to use shadows in my images! I feel like it helps to tell the story and brings in an emotional connection for me. In this image, I chose to actually focus on the shadow on the wall. My daughter loves playing with her shadow and my intention was to capture the movement of her shadow while she was playing.

Week 13 | Balance

There are several ways to have balance in an image. What I love most about this image from a recent session is the balance in color tones & composition while keeping the focus on the sweet little girl!

Week 14 | Free Choice

I chose to include an image I took of my sweet girl playing and also shared one of my favorite images from Panama City! The sun & warmth in this photo makes me excited for adventures to come this summer as it slowly warms up here in New England!

I also finished my Build a Rainbow project for the month of March while I was on vacation! Below is my completed rainbow! I have to say, having some tropical scenery for my rainbow colors definitely made the end of this scavenger hunt a little more interesting :) For a better look at each individual image, you can visit my instagram account at @rachaelmarie_photography

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