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Anyone ever fall out of a really good habit they were proud to have begun in the first place? Am I the only one? I was on such a roll with getting sessions on the blog and sharing my personal project photos and then spring happened, and the outdoors, and all of the sudden I found myself not behind a screen quite as much. But I'm okay with that because that means there was plenty of fun stuff to photograph! So to sum up my photo-journey in the last couple months I've been MIA, here's a monthly highlight recap for you! I've had so many great sessions this spring/summer and have some exciting things coming up so keep checking back and hold me accountable to sharing all this beauty with you!


Week 15 | Bokeh//Week 16 | Connection//Week 17 | Framing


Week 18 | Lifestyle//Week 19 | Perspective//Week 20 | Motherhood

Week 21 | Landscape//Week 22 | Reflection


Week 23 | Negative Space//Week 24 | Creative Blur

Week 25 | Fatherhood//Week 26 | Street Photography


Week 27 | Patriotism//Week 28 | Texture//Week 29 | Portraiture//Week 30 | Macro

So I didn't exactly follow the prompts each week but I have been shooting every week and started a daily shooting project for the summer as well! Things I have focused on learning so far this year have included shooting in a variety of different lighting situations, and using compositions a bit more purposefully. I have been very happy with the memories I've been able to capture and this is just a brief summary of each month. If you want to see more of my work or learn the story behind an image, check out my Instagram @rachaelmarie_photography !

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