Want to learn how to use that brand new DSLR that is still sitting in its box? | MA Lifestyle Photographer

I have to admit, when we bought our first DSLR it sat in the box on a shelf from January until April! I was hopeful to take beautiful, professional pictures with my "really good camera" immediately. Little did I know how much goes in to making a really great photograph- so much so that I am still fine tuning it all! When I first started seeking out some information & direction, I read, and read, and read, and read. And then I practiced, and practiced, and practiced some more! It was honestly a little overwhelming but I found it fascinating at the same time, like a puzzle I couldn't wait to figure out.

In my photography journey, I have found that photo examples helped to solidify certain concepts and other things I could only learn by doing for myself. For this reason, I put together an instructional PDF to share with you all! I hope to bring some clarification to you in your learning process and provide a community and resource for you as you work through figuring out how to use and master that brand new camera!

Furthermore, there are many times it would have been helpful to have someone by my side to help me troubleshoot in the moment. I plan to run a 1-day workshop this spring to review the basics of your camera, cover some more aspects of photography, and have some time to practice in a group setting! I still need to verify a location & date but will be sure to send updates to those who may be interested.

If you'd like to join me in this process, sign up for my quarterly newsletter and I would love to share with you an Introduction to Manual Mode as well as keep you up to date with future learning opportunities. Below is the reference chart I included with my PDF, which also has great details to help you figure out what all those numbers actually mean!

Exposure Triangle Reference Chart
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